CC-2 Series Two-stage Pressure Regulator

Compact Two-stage Cylinder Pressure Regulator

The CC-2 Series compact two stage precision pressure regulator is well suited for instrumentation applications requiring a precise and stable delivery pressure. The two stage design boasts a 0.05% change in outlet pressure with varying inlet pressure. Offering the utmost in economy of space, the CC-2 was designed to minimize dead volume with a small package.

The CC-2 shares many of the same internal components with the time proven CPR-1 Series pressure regulator. These features and options allow the customer to tailor his regulator to accommodate virtually any application requiring low to moderate flow rates.

The unit comes complete with a CGA fitting, inlet filters and 1-1/2″ stainless steel gauges.

  • Anodized aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel diaphragms with PTFE linings
  • Stainless steel poppets
  • Better than 25 Ra finish in diaphragm cavity
  • 20 micron inlet filter
  • Bubble tight shutoff
  • CGA inlet fitting
  • 1-1/2″ diameter stainless steel gauges
  • Maximum inlet working pressure is 3600 psig
  • Outlet pressure ranges are 10, 25, 50, 100 and 250 psig
  • Outlet pressure change is 0.05 psig per 100 psig of inlet decay
  • Proof pressure is 2 times maximum working pressure
  • Burst pressure is 4 times maximum working pressure
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs (0.95 kg)
  • Optional panel mounting style (see Outline and mounting dimensions)
Maximum Temperature & Operating Inlet Pressures

Seat Material Maximum Temperature* Maximum Operating Inlet Pressure
Tefzel® 150º F (66º C) @ 3600 psig (24.82 MPa)
PEEK 175º F (80º C) @ 3600 psig (24.82 MPa)
PCTFE 175º F (80º C) @ 3600 psig (24.82 MPa)

* Temperatures in excess of 175º F require the use of a metal knob or the Tamper Proof option


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