F6-K Filters

In-line og by-pass filters

The F6-K filter has been designed with bar stock construction to provide reliable and economical filtration of streams having pressures up to 6000 psig at 70° F (20° C). Materials of construction are 316 SS and PTFE for maximum service capability at economical prices. If a greater level of corrosion protection is required, this unit can be made from Monel or Hastelloy®.

The sintered 316 SS filter element, with filtration ranges between 2 and 55 microns, can be easily changed without removing the filter from the line. Standard connections are 1/4 FNPT. The optional bypass port is standard as 1/8 FNPT.

Standard Features:

  • 2 to 55 micron filtration
  • Available with optional bypass
Maximum Temperature  & Operating Inlet Pressures
O-Ring Material Maximum Temperature Maximum Operating Inlet Pressure
Viton® 70º F (20º C) @ 6000 psig (41.37 MPa)
175º F (80º C) @ 3600 psig (24.82 MPa)
PTFE 70º F (20º C) @ 6000 psig (41.37 MPa)
150º F (66º C) @ 3600 psig (24.82 MPa)


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