Model Sigma 4000 Multipoint Stream Selector



Proper monitoring of the purity of the process gases which feed semiconductor manufacturing equipment and processes requires monitoring at multiple sample points. However, placing individual gas purity analyzers at all these sample points can be very expensive.

Sigma 4000 multipoint stream selectors from Trace Analytical can dramatically reduce the cost of ultra high purity (UHP) gas monitoring. By multiplexing several sampling points to a single ta3000 or ta5000 Process Gas Analyzer, a gas manager can ensure that UHP quality product is supplied to process tools without dedicating an instrument to each gas stream. Controlled by the gas chromatograph, a Sigma 4000 stream selector can poll several gas streams in sequence, or can be programmed to switch between the inlets and outlets of large scale purifiers to verify their performance.

Sigma 4000 multipoint stream selectors improve the confidence in your gas supply by making it practical to monitor impurities such as H2, CO, CO2, CH4 and THC’s in all of your most critical gas streams.


  • Four sample inlets, two cal. gas inlets
  • ¼-inch VCR gas ports
  • UHP shut-off valves
  • Rapid sequencing between gas steams
  • Orbitally-welded and vacuum brazed joints