Our Company


Development of our marine emission monitoring system started in 2007, with focus on making a continuous monitoring system for marine use. The first pilot system was installed on Bastø II, the ferry from Horten to Moss, Norway.

Product development was carried out by Norsk Analyse AS in close cooperation with some of the leading scrubber manufacturers. The first beta version was extensively tested on the Panamax tanker M/T Baru in 2009.

After years of testing and improvement, the final product – ShipCEMS – was launched in 2013. Lloyd’s Register approval according to MARPOL was received in November 2013. Global marketing of ShipCEMS is done today by our subsidiary company Vimex AS, in close relationship with our partners worldwide.

Vimex AS

Being founded in 1982, Vimex has grown to become a leading market specialist in the marine industry – developing and manufacturing fuel monitoring equipment, high level and overfill alarm systems, gas warning systems, vapour alarm systems and calibration equipment for precision pressure and temperature measurements.

Our strength is to develop and manufacture equipment to the customer’s needs as well as complying with the latest requirements and regulations. We aim always to be ahead with flexible technical solutions and products that are easy to operate and that will help vessels reduce their emissions and running expenses. Our customers are our most compelling source of feedback. Vimex will always remain a trustworthy and dependable joint venture partner that provides reliable products and excellent service.


Norsk Analyse AS

Being founded in 1988, Norsk Analyse is today the leading analyser system integrator in Scandinavia – developing and manufacturing emission monitoring systems and process analyser systems mainly for the oil and gas industry. Norsk Analyse did however start in the marine sector, by supplying Oxygen gas analyser systems for Inert Gas Plants and Blanketing Gas and other safety related Gas Detection Systems for Tankers. We also were heavily involved with Saturated Diving Systems, providing on-line analysis of professional divers breathing gases, as well as their living habitat environment and sub-sea welding habitats.

The head office of Norsk Analyse AS corporation is based in Tønsberg, Norway, with subsidiaries located in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Turkey and Trinidad (West Indies). We care for our customers and products by performing quality assurance and quality control in accordance with ISO 9001.