after marked service

we promise
long-term commitment to our customers
Our support begins at the earliest stages with system design and lifetime planning and continues through to decommissioning. We tailor our system to the specific needs of every customer, ensuring that your systems and equipment provide maximum value in all phases of its lifetime.

Norsk Analyse`s service support concept is divided into three stages:                              Engineering Design Support, In-Operation Support and End of life Support.

Norsk Analyse`s wide range of solutions are flexible, can be adapted to suit specific requirements including large-scale set-ups, and are designed to optimise operations, reduce costs and minimise health and safety impact.

Whether you require a customised product for a specific application, or a complete end-to-end solution, we can provide exactly what you need.

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Our best customer concept:
Every product has a life cycle, but needs to deliver maximum quality and be as cost efficient as possible during its lifetime, so you can stay focused on what is important to you, your core business and your deliveries. We can help you achieve this by providing a customization, scalable and fully integrated support solution.

Aftermarket service is no longer a footnote in your operation.  More and more customers are realizing the significant long term cost savings with preventive maintenance programs.  Scheduled repairs are extending lifetime and performance providing continuous uninterrupted operation with continuously high quality.

Norsk Analyse offers maintenance and repair services for all your equipment and components keeping your systems to its peak performance and holding your costs in check.

Our service commitment gives you a concerned free approach by delivering reliable effective and efficient operation of your analytical systems.

Let us take full responsibility of your systems, securing full quality and operations security, we`ll worry so you don`t have to!

We call this Sleep Well!

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engineering design


A correct and efficient system design is the key to avoid problems in the in-operation phase.

Norsk Analyse provides off the shelf systems and tailored support solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer through our customization, fully integrated service support concept.

By combining engineering excellence, innovative thinking and end customer knowledge, Norsk Analyse meets our customer`s quality demands,  pledged life time support and develops skillful solutions which we share with our partners.

Our competitive strength is our ability to transform a customer`s need for technical information to an effective solution, covering production system, specification and process platform.


Availability is not an obvious capacity, but yet a requirement if you want to maintain efficiency and stay focused on your core operation.

Our In-Field support solutions can help you counter any challenge by balancing the need to maximize availability with the goal of reducing costs.

THEREFORE we offer the following services:

  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Upgrades and modifications
  • Supply and Logistics
  • Training
  • Operational and Technical Support

Your running operation is our core business…

end of life


When it is time to phase out or replace a system or a product there are many areas to be considered in order to achieve a cost efficient, safe and acceptable result.

Using our end of life management expertise, we can provide smart and cost efficient solutions to help you phase-out, archive, recycle and dispose the affected products or systems. Proper execution of the end of life phase brings substantial benefits with regards to cost, operation and availability.


Ability to achieve cost savings through efficient and optimised execution of the end-of-life phase.


Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and environmental requirements.


Secure operational availability throughout the end of life phase while driving down costs.


During our over 30 year long history as a supplier, Norsk Analyse has successfully completed end-of-life management for a variety of customers and products. Norsk Analyse has world leading expertise and unique methods for optimizing the end-of-life phase, that gives you the edge…