Modern Production Facilities

the basis for constantly high quality

During the early phase of a project preparation, we start our internal planning and resource allocation to secure an effective and problem free execution, according to specification and to meet our milestones.

An important aspect of running the perfect project is early planning for production, verification and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

The production facility for Norsk Analyse is situated in the town of Grums in Värmland County, in west central Sweden.

With modern scalable production facilities, we can meet all the needs of our customers:

  • Off the shelf production
  • Customer specific production
  • System verification and FAT
  • Hot work permits
  • Packing & Preservation
  • Warehouse and meeting facilities

These building are designed for large production and up to six nine-meter analyser houses can be manufactured at the same time.

The production team in Grums has for more than 10 years produced analytical systems for all our customers, all over the world, challenged by the toughest elements.

Norsk Analyse continuous to invest in our own production facilities, equipment and staff to provide the best service and quality for our clients.

When a project is handed over to our facility in Sweden, we make a commitment.  A commitment that has been one of the guiding principles in all our activities ever since:

A commitment to quality.