Support & Service
our specialty

With over 30 years of experience, Norsk Analyse has the expertise to skillfully serve all your application needs before, during and after we complete a project.

With our range of high quality products, designed to meet all your needs, maximised to perform under all conditions, combined with our understanding of your technical application, along with tight deadlines,  getting your equipment back up and running quickly is the highest priority for our experienced team of service technicians.

 Norsk Analyse offers handling system, commissioning and field assistance as well as programs designed to train employees on optimal product usage and quick, value-driven product repair.

Norsk Analyse is able to assist you with the highest level of service.

 Purchasing a product from Norsk Analyse is only the beginning – our team is unsurpassed at providing you with quality aftermarket support whenever and whereever you need it.

Cooperation with Norsk Analyse means having our service department and a worldwide staff of service engineers at your disposal. 

A service contract with Norsk Analyse means having your system perform to your highest standards and getting service and support above your expectation.  All from telephone support when needed to Norsk Analyse secures always uptime and full spare part management

This is what we mean when we say “Sleep Well”

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Field Services

Trained Personnel

Norsk Analyse can offer craftsmen from our workshop, either independently or with service engineers, to perform on site installation and commissioning. Our personnel are trained for both onshore and offshore jobs.

We can offer several options based on your needs.

Craftsmen / Installers, Service Engineers, Supervisors and Analyser Specialists available.

If you need operational assistance please contact us by email or by phone on: +47 333 75 100

MAintenance contracts

Aftermarket no longer needs to be a footnote in your operation.  More and more customers are realizing the significant long term cost savings with preventive maintenance programs.  Scheduled repairs are extending lifetime and performance providing continuous uninterrupted operation.

Norsk Analyse offers maintenance and repair services for all your equipment and components keeping your systems to its peak performance keeping costs in check.

Our service commitment gives you peace of mind by delivering reliable excellence, and effective and efficient operation of your analytical systems.

Let us take full responsibility of your systems, securing full quality and uninterrupted operations, well worry so you don`t have to!

We call this Sleep Well!

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Remote support

Remote Operation Center

Norsk Analyse has for longer time been dedicated to integrate and sync operations for a lot of different locations. i.e. ships, platforms, onshore and offshore locations. We started early to consider how we remotely could operate our installations.

In order to tie in to the supplier network, endusers, employees and systems in an integrated fashion, we firstly had to build our own
superior inhouse network. We started to build our own server systems, with inhouse and external backup of all data. All our
servers are connected to an internal gigabit network that improves stability and deliver superfast data to all employees and visitors.

Remote support has been of great importance for our customers in the past years.
Many shut downs have been prevented because of our innovative way to help and give first aid.

From our Remote Support Centre in Tønsberg, Norway, we can give support 24 / 7 to all parts of the world as long as the analyser
or system is connected to the internet.

Externally, we are connected to the internet by corporate fiber network, giving us dedicated lines.

At the end user site, we have made every precaution to assure connection to our installations and to perform effectively from a remote location. All our analyser houses are wired internally with fiber network. All signal, sound and analysers are connected to this network with a common interface. Even some of the analysers have internal fiber network to all parts connectable with IP adresses.

In summary, this puts us in the superior position when using our Remote Operation Centre to play with our customers in a common manner, with integrated operations and real time data.

Customer safety and confidentiality is of greatest importance.

Provide Own and Operate (POO)
Spare Parts

We source what you need!

Norsk Analyse desires to be your chosen contractor of spare parts for analysers and other general instrumentation.

Typical manufacturers we collaborates closely with:

Instruments Filters Regulators & Valves
ABB Headline Filters GO Regulators
Applied Instrument Technologie Permapure Filters Bürkert
Advanced Sensors Collins Filters Gyrolok
Ametek EIF Filtters Swagelok
Auburn Genie Filters
Bartec Benke
Hach Lange
Neo Monitors
Thermo Fischer
Trace Analytics
Detectors Tube Bundles Sensors pH/cond./O2
Analox O´Brien Tube Bundles Hach Lange
Simtronics Hamilton
Honeywell/Sperian/Biosystems Schott
Flow measurement Fittings Flanges
Krohne Gyrolok Ahlsell
Pumps Columns Armature
Hyco Restek Stahl
Bühler Varian Cooper Crouse-Hinds AS
Speck Pumpen Siemens
Elmo Rietschle
KNF Neuberger
Gas Chemicals Pressure Gages
Eurogas Hach Lange Stiko
Air Products Biosystems Tech-Skotselv
Schott Speciality Gases

Do you need support?

Training Courses
learning by doing

Norsk Analyse, have one of the biggest offshore and onshore training facilities in Scandinavia, with training courses for specific site training, meetering, analyser and general theory training.

We have several dedicated trainers and speakers with numerous years of experience from both the North Sea and onshore installations.

Specific analyser hardware is installed in making sure that we can simulate real conditions for you and achieve proper training and experience. 

From our training centre in Tønsberg, we can invite you to attend training for your exact needs.
Our mission is to provide understanding in theory and practice through effective transfer of knowledge.

Please contact us by email or by phone: +47 333 75 100.



The course participants should in advance be familiar with operation of the overall process control system.

Duration: 5 days
Number of participants: 3 to 6
Order no.: 120640

Topics covered

  • Introduction to Maxum
    GC structure, devices and
    software programs
  • TCD application – natural gas
  • FPD application – trace H2
    S analysis
  • FID application – C6
    to C12 analysis, traces of methanol
    and glycol
  • Calibration and validation
  • Troubleshooting