Quality means doing it right
when no one is looking

HSSE Policy

Norsk Analyse is committed to protect the health, safety and security of our employees and the environment we operate in. Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) performance are core values of the corporation and will be managed as an integral part of our business.

We strive to achieve this by:

  • Avoiding harm to all personnel involved in our operations
  • Minimising environmental impact with efficient use of resources
  • Achieving continuous improvement in our HSSE performance
  • Complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements where we operate

QA Policy

Norsk Analyse AS is committed to provide system integration, analyzer sales and service/maintenance of the highest quality.

We strive to achieve this by:

  • Promoting an understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations, together with a culture of exceeding customer expectations.
  • Developing seamless processes by fully integrating the services provided by our suppliers and partners.
  • Monitoring our performance through performance metrics in order to continually improve our processes and services.
  • Utilizing our ISO 9001 quality management system for all company processes everywhere, every time, without exception.

Achilles Joint Qualification System (JQS)

A unique collaboration between Norwegian and Danish oil and gas operators and management contractors. The participating organisations use the system to provide information and to select suppliers and contractors when buying goods and services. Those buyers not subject to the EC procurement directives are actively using the system as a joint vendor database.



Nordic Utility Qualification System and Vendor Database is a unique collaboration between utilities in the Nordic countries. The participating utilities use the system to provide information and to select suppliers when buying goods and services.