Norsk Analyse are celebrating 30 years of analytical business in 2018. We have had great success – and we have just began. Norsk Analyse is growing, more people are joining us, and we are expanding into new business areas. We are confident that the basis we have built over the last 30 years has prepared us for continuous growth and future success. Although our industry has challenging periods, we have never had more projects and a brother geographical portfolio than we have today.  We have great ambitions for our future and we are aiming for high level of activity for many decades to come. Come join us, we understand your business.


P.O. Box 2313
3103 Tønsberg, Norway

Tønsberg OFFICE

Wirgenesvei 10
3157 Barkåker


Per Krohgs vei 4C
1065 Oslo

Norsk Analyse AS

Oslo Office Norsk Analyse

ONS 2018 We hope to see you there!


Norsk Analyse will exhibit on ONS2018 in Stavanger, 27 - 30 August. Make sure to visit us at our booth - 2150 hall 2.

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