CYL-2 Series Pressure Regulators

Two-stage Brass Cylinder Gas Pressure Reducing Regulator

The CYL-2 Series is a precision two-stage regulator well suited for instrumentation applications requiring a precise and stable pressure source. This pressure regulator was developed to meet the needs of the instrumentation industry, but is also well suited for other applications requiring precision pressure supply. The development of this series provides the maximum fl exibility that is available in any cylinder regulator. This means that you can select optional diaphragm materials for maximum sensitivity with PTFE-lined stainless steel being standard.

Features & Specifications
• Brass construction
• 1st stage integral 20 micron filter and 2nd stage integral 40 micron filter
• PTFE-lined stainless steel diaphragm in both stages
• Tefzel® seats are standard
• 2˝ diameter brass gauges
• CGA inlet fitting
• Optional relief valves and shut off valves
• Maximum inlet pressure: 3600 psig
• Outlet pressure ranges 0–10 psig, 0–25 psig, 0–50 psig, 0–100 psig, 0–250 psig and 0–500 psig
• Fluid media; non-corrosive gases
• Cv fl ow coeffi cients: 0.06, 0.025, 0.20, 0.50
• Operating temperatures: −40° F to +175° F (−40° C to +80° C)
• ¼˝ FNPT inlet/outlet connections


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