The Analect Diamond 20 FTIR/FT-NIR system is designed for operation in rugged at-line environments as well as the laboratory bench. The Diamond 20 system is typically used for calibration and applications development in support of Analect’s series of on-line continuous stream and batch process analyzers.

ANALECT® LAB Fourier Transform Infrared Analyzers

  • The rugged Transept™ Interferometer is the core optical technology shared in all Analect FTIR and FT-NIR analyzers
  • Wide array of MIR and NIR sampling and detector options
  • Hermetically sealed interferometer withstands moisture and protects
    against contamination
  • Seamless calibration transfer between the Diamond 20 system and other Analect
    FTIR process analyzers
  • Grams/AI™ software provides fast and flexible data management and processing
    with an extensive library of applications

Full chemometric modeling capability including SpectraQuant,™ Eigenvector PLS Toolbox®, Eigenvector Solo®, Camo Unscrambler, Matlab®, Infometrix Pirouette® and Grams PLSiQ


Diamond 20 – Productsheet