DV-1 Series

2-way Diaphragm Valves

The DV1 Series Diaphragm Valves are totally free of springs, bellows, packing, o-rings and lubricants in the process wetted area. Metal-to-metal seals to atmosphere ensure that there is no adsorption of undesirable elements into the flow stream. Elgiloy® diaphragms insure the utmost in corrosion resistance and life span.

Features & Specifications
  • 2-way on/off control
  • Metal-to-metal seals to atmosphere
  • Wide variety of materials for virtually all applications
  • No o-rings, springs, or lubricant in flow
  • Very low internal volume (0.01cc)
  • Manual 1/4+ turn or pneumatic actuation
  • Pressures from vacuum to 3,600 psig
  • Optimal diaphragm design provides for long cycle life
  • 40µ sintered stainless steel inlet filter on air port of pneumatic actuators extends life of actuator

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