Dycor LC-D Series Residual Gas Analyzer



The Dycor LC-D Series Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) offers outstanding performance, yet is priced to be the most cost-effective RGA on the market. The LC-D Series instruments are constructed from materials that are compatible with Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) systems and are designed to require the very minimum in maintenance. This versatile RGA is ideally suited for use with UHV systems and equipment monitoring of semiconductor and thin film processes in the high vacuum range. Coupled with the System 2000 software (which is 32-bit, multi-threaded, and designed for use with Windows 98 through Windows 8), the LC-D provides advanced features that are associated with higher priced instruments.

The LC-D Series RGA includes Dycor’s 1-100 AMU-range open ion source analyzer head with dual filaments and Faraday cup detector, electrometer preamplifier, and RF power supply with an Ethernet port for interfacing to a PC. Options include 1-200 AMU range and 1-300 AMU range, and channel plate electron multiplier.

  • Alarms – Every data channel has low, low warning, high warning, and high alarms.
  • Auto Tune – Automatically sets RF-tune, mass position and resolution.
  • Printing – Print one, some, or all data displays.
  • Ethernet Connectivity – 10/100BASE-T Ethernet – Auto-Sensing.

Software Features

  • Ethernet Connectivity: 10/100BASE-T Ethernet – Auto-Sensing
  • Variety of operating modes including Analog and Bar, Meter, Annunciator, Tabular, Trend, and Leak Detection
  • Custom modes to combine display windows from other modes
  • Data that can be viewed in real time or saved to a file for later retrieval and comparison with current spectra
  • Auto-Tune capabilities to ensure high quality, repeatable data
  • Library Mode for comparison between collected sample spectra and stored library spectra. Facilitated by split-screen display
  • OPC, MODBUS & Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) automation
  • Alarms: Low, Low Warning, High Warning, High