DyMaxion RGA



This “zero footprint” Smart Sensor Residual Gas Analyzer has the data acquisition and control electronics mounted directly on the sensor, and can be linked to a computer via either its RS-232 port, or RS-485 port for multiple analyzer instruments.

Ion source options:
Enclosed Ion Source for CVD and atmospheric sampling applications
Conductance Limited Ion Source for PVD applications
Open Ion Source for UHV applications
100, 200, and 300 AMU ranges
Optional on-board analog and Digital I/O
Zero Drift Electrometer Amplifier Technology
On-board diagnostics
RS-232 and RS-485 communications ports

Open Ion Source:

The Open Ion Source is the simplest design and least costly of the ionizer types. It can be inserted directly into the vacuum chamber at pressures of 10-4 Torr. This places the ionizer directly in the sample gas, and because there is no loss in conductance of the sample through the ionizer, the inherent sensitivity is increased.

The Open Ion Source RGA offers increased sensitivity at pressures below 10-4 Torr down to ultra high vacuum with PPM level detectability.