Genie 702 Permanent Membrane Probe

Product Description

Liquid in a sample conditioning system can damage analyzers and lead to inaccurate sample analysis; directly affecting the bottom line. Applying our Analytically Correct™ designs to your sampling system can prevent these occurrences.

Our Genie® Model 702 Permanent Insertion Probe is a simple, safe and economical solution to extract a representative vapor phase sample from a gas source.  The 702 is designed for sampling at a specific depth in a pressurized pipeline; each length is customized up to 10 feet to fit your application.  Our exclusive Pressure Balance™ technique allows you to effortlessly insert the probe without the need for additional tools or pneumatic and hydraulic methods.  Once inserted, the installation housing can be replaced with a shorter one to accommodate partial retraction of the probe during pigging operations or placement into heated enclosures.

With three new non-adjustable outlet pressure options, the 702 helps to prevent condensation and maintain the integrity of the sample during pressure letdown. The application needs will determine the most appropriate option.

A separate RTD option includes a custom length, industrial, hinged-top RTD and adapter which allows the RTD to be inserted through a built-in thermowell once the probe is installed in the pipeline.

We are the only manufacturer that provides Analytically Correct™ membrane tipped sample probes for insertion inside a pipeline or vessel.  Using a membrane tip conforms to API 14.1 and GPA 2166 standards. Our patented Genie® Membrane Probes™ are the most efficient means for separating entrained liquid from the sample at source conditions.


  • Protects sample system from liquid and particulates
  • Offsets JT cooling at pressure reduction point
  • Insertion and retraction without pneumatic or hydraulic methods
  • Source conditions monitored while sampling
  • API 14.1 and GPA 2166 standards compliance
  • Installation and maintenance without depressurizing line
  • Helps preserve sample integrity
  • Increases safety of personnel
  • Genie® Membrane Technology™
  • Outlet pressure options
  • Temperature option with RTD device
  • Pressure Balance™ installation
  • Partial retraction housing accommodates pigging operations or placement into enclosures
  • Built-in ports and valves for purging vented gas
  • Low profile above pipe


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