Genie – Avenger 33M Particulate Coalescing Filter

Avenger™ Particulate & Coalescing Filters provide sample conditioning and analyzer protection by coalescing and removal of liquid droplets, aerosol mist, and solid particles from gas (vapor) streams as well as removal of sticky particles from liquid. A variety of models are available for handling a wide range of gas and liquid sampling applications.

The Avenger™ Model 33M is the same size as the Model 33, and contains Genie® Membrane Technology™. The Liquid Block™ is an option for this model. When compared to the Models 38 and 38M, the Model 33M is larger in size and internal volume, making it better suited for applications requiring higher flow rates or containing larger amounts of contaminants than the Models 38 and 38M can handle.

    • Analyzer protection against liquid droplets and micron/ submicron size particles
    • Quick and easy installation and maintenance
    • Multiple porting configurations
    • Genie® Membrane Technology™
    • Liquid Block™
    • 5 ports
    • Horizontal mounting
    • All primary connection ports on filterhead


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