LXT-800 Turbidity Analyzer

The LXT-800 utilizes nephelometric sensing technology combined with the functionality of the proven LXT-220 style controller to provide reliable, continuous turbidity measurement.

The optical sensor consists of an LED light source trans- mitting near-infrared light into the sample. Suspended particles present in the water scatters the light which is detected 90° from transmission, in accordance with ISO 7027 / EN 27027.

Teledyne’s design consists of a reference detector and two measuring detectors, which utilize different path lengths to provide a wider dynamic measuring range and high sensitivity on the low end. The LXT-800 also ensures balanced sensitivity regardless of particle size.

The LXT-800 sensor utilizes a self-cleaning design of the sapphire window under moderate flow conditions. Sensor unit is available in both an immersion and flow-through configuration.

The LXT-220 controller is weatherproof NEMA-4X ½ DIN form factor with universal mounting bracket available for panel, wall, handrail or pipe mounting. The membrane keypad and backlit LCD display provides an easy-to-use interface with menu-driven functionality. 4-20mA output is provided as standard and configurable alarm contacts can be provided optionally. Information is digitally communicated between sensor and control units which ensures EMI/RFI robustness and enables separation distances up to 200 meters.


  • All phases of drinking water processing
  • Monitoring surface waters
  • Coagulation and flocculation
  • Filter rupture monitoring
  • Filter backwash
  • Control of clear rinse water
  • Monitoring sewage treatment plant discharge
  • Monitoring of industrial water discharge
  • Recycling of industrial water
  • Monitoring of cooling water
  • Monitoring of boiler feedwater
  • Monitoring of phase separation processes


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