Model 241CE II Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analyzer



The Model 241CE II Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analyzer is a quality control tool for natural gas processing, distribution and consumption. Detection and measurement of hydrocarbon dewpoint is achieved in a single cell, single cycle operation.

The dew point analyzer is sensitive enough to detect trace amounts of dew, yet strong enough to withstand saturation levels and process fluctuations such as temperature, pressure and flow rate. A proprietary multiple stage filter protects the analyzer from most likely sources of contamination (aerosols, particulates and liquid slugs). The programmable alarm system will automatically activate when problems are detected.

Direct Measurement
The dew point analyzer uses patented chilled-mirror technology. With the Model 241CE II Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analyzer, all monitoring and measuring of dew points is done automatically under control of an onboard computer, rather than by an operator. The dew point analyzer was designed for unattended operation.

The dew point analyzer may be located local to a plant or in remote locations. It requires only electrical power and a supply of dry purge gas1 so fast, accurate readings are obtained with little service and maintenance.


  • Accurate and objective direct measurement of hydrocarbon dew point temperature at pipeline pressure or Cricondentherm
  • Proprietary three-stage filter provides superior protection
  • Designed for unattended operation with low maintenance
  • Compact design allows mounting in optional enclosures
  • Digital communications vis Modbus RTU protocol
  • Fully integrated sample system
  • Hydrocarbon dew point temperature current output