Model 3010MA Paramagnetic Oxygen Purity Analyzer

The Teledyne Analytical Instruments Model 3010MA Paramagnetic Oxygen Purity Analyzer is a versatile microprocessor-based instrument for analyzing the purity of an oxygen bearing gas stream.

It is a “split architecture” instrument designed for indoor use in non-hazardous areas. The Control Unit (left section) contains the operator interface, electronics and display. The Analysis Unit (right section) is a separate insulated and temperature controlled enclosure which contains the oven, oxygen and pressure sensors, preamplifier PCB, sample system, and flowmeter.

The analyzer has three user settable ranges that encompass the complete range of 0-100% oxygen. The ranges can be set to any convenient level between 0 and 100% in one percent increments. Note: The upper value of every range is non-adjustable and is fixed at 100% .
The lower value can be adjusted anywhere from 99% to 0%. Part I of this manual covers the Model 3010MA flush-panel and/or rack-mount Control Unit. The Analysis Unit is covered in Part II of this manual.

Typical Applications A few typical applications of the Model 3010MA are:
• Monitoring inert gas blanketing
• Air separation and liquefaction
• Chemical reaction monitoring
• Semiconductor manufacturing
• Petrochemical process control
• Quality assurance
• Gas analysis certification.


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