Model 4080 – Total Hydrocarbon in Water Analysis System

    • Designed to detect hydrocarbons (C1 – C9+) which may not absorb in the UV region
    • Temperature Controlled Stripper System effectively strips hydrocarbons from water by cross flowing N2 over the packed stripper column. Includes Drier Assembly to ensure a dry sample gas is delivered to the analyzer.
    • Dual-sided, freestanding rack with Stripper Sample System mounted on the backside and Model 402REU NEMA-4 enclosure provided on front
    • Model 402REU supplied as a 19-inch sheet metal relay rack enclosure with: temperature controller and isothermal chamber; stainless steel sample system including pressure gauges and regulators, integral backpressure regulator; tubing and fittings; integral digital meter; electronic flame guard circuit and fuel shut-off solenoid valve
    • Flame ionization detector (FID) for measurement of total hydrocarbons at trace levels in a gaseous atmosphere
    • System NEMA-4 enclosure is provided with a meter viewing window
    • NEMA-4 enclosure can be X-Purged for hazardous locations (see options)
    • Standard ranges: 0-10, 0-100, 0-1,000 ppm hydrocarbons (methane equivalent)
    • Fuel: Mixture of 40% hydrogen, 60% nitrogen
    • Output: 0-1 VDC and 4-20 mADC, Isolated current output
    • Sample Selector Module: Integral system for control of sample, span and zero gases. Includes three- way valve, sample bypass flowmeter, needle valve and all necessary tubing and fittings in stainless steel.


  • X and Z purge options available with additional cost


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