Model 9070 O2 and CO2 Food Package Analyzer

The Model 9070 O2 and CO2 Food Package Analyzer is a convenient, reliable food package tester offering precise measurements in seconds. The 9070 draws a suitable sample and checks the lowest reading of oxygen and the highest reading of carbon dioxide.

The instrument uses a zirconia oxygen sensor which provides an accurate, drift-free reading from 1 ppm to 100% for years without calibration. The NIR CO2 sensor automatically zeroes for every reading (optional). There is no need to touch a button during the analytical process, and only 4 cc of head space volume is required.

The 9070 is ideal for spot checking or can be installed in a packaging machine for continuous measurement of the gas flushing process and a wide variety of measurements in the air separation and electronics industry.

Applications include: Food and beverage, Air separation, Electronics

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