Model 914 Continuous Emission Monitoring System



The  Model 914 is a built-to-order Continuous Emission Monitor (CEM) that includes all the components needed for a compliance monitoring and reporting project. The system uses dry extractive sampling techniques designed to meet government regulations for all types of compliance monitoring.

The sample extraction system of the 914 combines a temperature controlled sample conditioning unit and a heated sampling line to ensure the integrity of the sample gas is reliably maintained. The sample gas is then dried (moisture removed) as required and introduced into the instruments for analysis.

AMETEK uses only instruments that have proven reliable over many years of use in its 914 systems. All of the CEM instruments are EPA certifiable. A recommended analyzer is the AMETEK Western Research Model 9000RM.

The instrument is mounted in a free-standing standard 19-inch open rack. Optional considerations are: an enclosed rack, a free-standing enclosure or a walk-in shelter for environmental reasons. A computer data acquisition system or programmable logic controller providing data collection and control functions for customer specific reporting and auto calibration is optional.