Model ASOMA 682T-HP Sulfur analyzer



The ASOMA 682T-HP is designed for the on-line analysis of sulfur in highly viscous hydrocarbons such as crude and residual oil using XRT (X-ray Transmission) technology. This system is ideal for high temperature and pressure sample streams. With its rugged, time-proven proportional counter detector and X-ray tube source, the 682T-HP gives superb analytical precision with a sulfur limit of detection of 200 ppm. The 682T-HP key features include a fully integrated densitometer, automatic density compensation, touch-screen controls, password protected and rapid update rates.


  • Ideal for analysis of crude and other highly viscous hydrocarbons, pipelines, terminals, blending
  • Sample stream temperatures in excess of 662˚F (350˚C)
  • Proprietary window in flowcell can withstand pressures up to 800psig/55 bar (consult factory for higher pressures)
  • Certified to industry standards
  • Large flowcell diameter (2 inches/5 cm) reduces interferences
  • Analysis range for sulfur of 0.02-6.0%

Operation of the analyser is regulated by an integral processor. The processor monitors instrument parameters such as process temperature, density, and system diagnostics. It also provides a comprehensive suite of alarms and a standard platform for communicating to a plant-wide DCS. Due to its unique design and robust construction, the system has minimal, if any, sample conditioning and recovery requirements.

ASOMA Instruments was established in Austin, Texas, in 1979 as one of the first companies to offer low-cost benchtop ED-XRF instrumentation. Since then, the ASOMA brand has become an industry leader with the development and release of the Models 100, 200 and 200T-series, Phoenix, Phoenix II and Titan line of XRF analysers, as well as instrumentation for measuring sulfur in hydrocarbon streams