Model UltraTrace 3000

General purpose oxygen analyzer, disposable sensor, microfuel cell, autocalibration, RS-232C

As low as 0-250 ppb, user-selectable


Model UltraTrace 3000

Teledyne’s Micro-fuel Cell, the benchmark for oxygen analysis for three decades, has been uniquely packaged to monitor UltraTrace oxygen down to single digit ppb levels.

The secret lies in the thermoelectric cooling of the sensor which maximizes the offset-to-noise ratio and prevents the acceleration of temperature dependent, parasitic electrochemical reactions within the cell.

  • PPB level resolution and accuracy
  • Programmable ranges and signal averaging
  • Linearity of analysis across three user-selectable ranges
  • Remote access to auto span and auto zero functions (external valves required)
  • Autoranging to follow process upsets
  • Maintenance free sensor

Applications include: Ideal for Semiconductor manufacturing (gas purification analysis and mobile cart analysis); Air liquefaction and separation; Pure gaseous hydrocarbon stream monitoring; Process monitoring of gaseous monomers; Gas purity certification


UltraTrace 3000