Model WDG-V Zone1



The Model WDG-V Zone 1 analyzer offers a complete solution for combustion process control and safety with redundancy and diagnostics that provide end users with digitally transmitted information via Modbus and Ethernet that can be used to implement predictive and proactive Asset Management maintenance programs.

The THERMOX® Model WDG-V Zone 1 combustion analyzer from AMETEK Process Instruments has been third-party certified for Zone 1 hazardous locations, allowing the unit to operate in areas in which hazardous vapors and gases will continuously be present.


  • The Model WDG-V Zone 1 analyzer provides a complete solution for combustion control and safety
  • The new enclosure design is certified for IEC Zone 1 requirements
  • It is an integral unit with no purge required, self contained housing provides a new layer of safety
  • Measurements of O2, COe and Hydrocarbon in one unit