With its long service life, the SIPROCESS GA700 OXYMAT 7 is an exceptionally reliable measuring device and can even handle small measuring ranges (0 to 0.5% O2). But that’s not all: with its vibration compensation and physically suppressed zero point (99.5 to 100% O2) it delivers highly precise measurements.

This module can be operated in either a rack or wall-mounted housing, independent of ambient temperature, in up to 50 °C (122 °F), and in the Ex d field device housing in up to 60 °C (140 °F). The operating concept is based on a clearly laid-out menu structure with extensive user support. For example, when putting the device into operation the first time, an installation assistant guides the user through the installation with clear and understandable instructions. The software is available in several different languages, thus ideal for global applications.

The advantages offered by the OXYMAT 7 make it indispensable for applications such as boiler control in incineration plants, in environmental protection, or in quality assurance monitoring purity, and many more areas.

Gas analysis has never been easier!


 Fitted in housing 19″ rack housing IP20 (three height units; Ex nA);
wall housing IP65 (Ex p, Ex nR)
 Components O2
 Smallest measuring range 0 … 0.5 %
 Ambient temperature 0 … + 50 °C
  • Resistant to corrosion thanks to an external microflow sensor
  • Long service life
  • Low susceptibility to failure
  • Vibration compensation
  • T90 time 1.9 seconds
  • Maximum ambient temperature 50 °C
  • Small measuring ranges (0 to 0.5 % or 99.5 to 100 % O2)
  • Physically suppressed zero point, e.g. 98 or 99.5 to 100 % O2
  • Easy to use, due to Plug & Measure
  • Ready for Industry 4.0