Model 3290 – Trace & Percent Oxygen Analyzers Fuel Cell or Zirconium Oxide Sensors

Good things come in small packages, and Teledyne’s 3190 Trace or 3290 Percent Oxygen Analyzer proves it. These microprocessor based units offer high accuracy, easy use, and all the standard features demanded by the end-user in a compact, budget priced design. Membrane command switches and a large, four digit LED display make setup and operation clear and quick. For the latest technology, Teledyne quality, and an unbeatable value, the 3190 or 3290 provides a pocket-sized solution.

Field-Configurable Range Options
Depending on the application, these units can be configured to utilize one of Teledyne’s patented, Micro-fuel Cell sensors or zirconium oxide sensors, assuring the highest accuracy. With a long expected sensor life, the 3190 or 3290 is as inexpensive to maintain as it is to purchase.Teledyne has even provided a sensor failure alarm, taking the worry and work out of the end-user’s hands. Two ranges are field configurable on Model 3190 at 0-10 ppm and 0-1000 ppm with a 0-25% calibration range.

Optional ranges can be set between 10 ppm and 10,000 ppm. The 3290 ranges are field configurable between 1% and 25% oxygen with 0-25% oxygen calibration. An optional full scale range is available up to 100%. Autoranging is standard on both models. Two programmable failsafe concentration alarms (one high and one low setpoint) provide the versatility to satisfy nearly any requirement. And because it’s a Teledyne product, you can rely on many years of quality service.

Outputs For Data
A standard 0-10 VDC output provides range identification, while the oxygen concentration is output through 4-20 mADC negative ground and 0-10 VDC negative ground signals. An optional unidirectional RS-232 serial interface is in­cor­porated to relay information to a host computer for remote monitoring of all functions. Configuration information and analysis results are as close as your personal computer

• AutoRanging capabilities
• One high and one low alarm setpoint with corresponding relay contacts
• Sensor failure alarm

Standard Features
• Two field configurable ranges plus cal range (0-25%)
• Signal output: 0-10 VDC for range identification
• Analytical output: 4-20 mADC negative ground and 0-10 VDC signals
• Universal AC power supply (Optional configuration available)

Optional Configurations
– Power requirement: 10-36 VDC
– Zirconium oxide sensor

• Wave solder reflow ovens
• Glove box manufacturers
• Nitrogen membrane skids
• PSA skids
• Helium recovery systems
• Diving applications
• Clean air systems for medical applications


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