The ULTRAMAT 7 offers high selectivity and measuring precision with complex gas mixtures as well as low maintenance costs thanks to easy on-site cleaning of the analysis chambers. Moreover, the ULTRAMAT 7 features an integrated interfering gas correction option. And it has been newly upgraded with a preventive maintenance function for the first time, serving the purpose to let you know ahead of time when the next service is needed.

The module can be operated in either a rack or wall-mounted housing, independent of the ambient temperature, in up to 45°C (113 °F). The operating concept is based on a clearly laidout menu structure with extensive user support. For example, when putting the device into operation the first time, an installation assistant guides the user through the installation with clear and understandable instructions. The software is available in several different languages, thus ideal for global applications.

The ULTRAMAT 7 can be integrated, for example, in boiler control measurement systems, in incineration plants or used in measuring process gases in chemical plants.

Gas analysis has never been easier!



Fitted in housing 19″ rack housing IP20 (three height units);
wall housing IP65
Components CO, CO2, SO2, NO, CH4, C2H4, N2O, NH3
Smallest measuring range, e.g. CO2 0 … 5 vpm
Ambient temperature + 5 … + 45 °C
  • High measuring precision in complex gas mixtures
  • Low detection limits
  • Low maintenance costs due to on-site cleaning of the analysis chambers
  • Simplified cross-gas measurement
  • Preventive maintenance function
  • High selectivity due to two-layer detector
  • Easy to use, due to Plug & Measure
  • Ready for Industry 4.0