Gas Chromatographs TCD



The AMETEK Model 292B natural gas chromatograph is designed as a truly ‘portable’ analyser. An integrated sample inlet manifold allows for single connections of sample and drive (carrier) gases, allowing for flexible installation either as a stand-alone analyser, or integrated onto a mobile platform such as a truck or other vehicle. On-site analysis not only eliminates the concerns over accurate sample acquisition and transport, it also eliminates the DOT concerns over transporting natural gas samples.

Analysis begins at a single touch of a button. Sample transport, signal integration and system diagnostics are handled within the unit to ensure accurate, reliable and repeatable analysis.


  • Easy to operate
  • On-board storage capability of up to 1,000 chromatograms and test results
  • Fully integrated sample handling and distribution system
  • Real-time chromatograms viewed on a 5 inch color LCD display
  • Built-in data protection and advanced diagnostic capability
  • Field-rugged, water resistant, easy to carry package.
  • USB flash drive support
  • USB printer connectivity