Genie – Supreme 123 Membrane Separator

The Model 123 is ideal for applications requiring higher flow rates or larger quantities of liquid than the Genie® Supreme Model 120 can withstand.  It offers a 2” diameter membrane, the same membrane cross sectional area as the original Genie® Model 130 or Genie® Model 130M, and is ideal for removing unintermitted liquid flow from gas samples. It is also perfect for protecting components such as on-line analyzers, gas chromatographs, or mass spectrometers.


    • Helps preserve sample integrity
    • Superior analyzer protection
    • Quick and easy to install and maintain
    • Quick and easy membrane inspection
    • Economical
    • Genie® Membrane Technology™
    • Liquid Block™ option
    • Low internal volume
    • Straight through Bypass
    • Built-in membrane retention
    • Threaded housing cover
    • All connection ports on the housing
    • Back mounting


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