Model 212R Trace Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

The Model 212R is the most sensitive process thermal conductivity analyzer commercially available.

While it is designed to detect a specific impurity in a binary gas mixture, it is also well suited for monitoring one component in more complex mixtures where the other gases have the same ratio to each other or have very similar thermal conductivity coefficients.

The thermal conductivity detector used in the 212R is also flexible in terms of the binary applications that the detector can be utilized in. Namely:

  • 0-25 ppm H2 in Ar
  • 0-25 ppm H2 in N2 or O2
  • 0-100 ppm N2 in Ar
  • 0-100 ppm He in Air
  • 0-150 ppm N2 in H2 or CO
  • 0-150 ppm N2 in He
  • 0-200 ppm Ar in O2 (O2 purity)

Flexibility, ease-of-use, high sensitivity, and competitive pricing make the Model 212R the analyzer of choice across a broad range of industries and applications.

Applications include: Air separation plants; H2 purification plants; He purification plants; Synthetic gas plants; Specialty chemical plants; R&D labs


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