Model 3010TAC Trace Oxygen Analyzer

General purpose oxygen analyzer, disposable sensor, microfuel cell, autocalibration, RS-232C

As low as 0-250 ppb, user-selectable


Model 3010TAC Trace Oxygen Analyzer

High Sensitivity Trace Oxygen Analyzer

The Series 3000T Trace Oxygen Analyzers provides powerful microprocessor technology while offering tremendous versatility in the low ppm ranges. This instrument offers three user-selectable linear ranges, high accuracy, fast response, adjustable alarms, and auto diagnostics.

No zero gases are required in most applications. The heart of the analyzer is a specially qualified Micro-fuel Cell designed to measure oxygen in the gas sample.

The sensor is unequaled in the industry for its accuracy, sensitivity, and reliability. The instruments can be used as a separate unit or as a component of a larger analytical system.

Applications include: Air separation, Petrochemical, Chemical processes, Furnace

The Teledyne Analytical Instruments Model 3010TAC Trace Oxygen Analyzer is a versatile microprocessor-based instrument for detecting partsper-million (ppm) levels of oxygen in a variety of background gases. It is a “split architecture” instrument. This means that a general purpose Control Unit, designed for nonhazardous areas only, remotely controls a specially designed Analysis Unit, or remote probe, that can operate in a hazardous area.

3010TAC Analyzers meet or exceed all of the requirements of the Commonwealth of Europe (CE) for Radio Frequency Interference and Electromagnetic Interference (RFI/EMI) protection, and Low Voltage Directive (LVD). Part I of this manual covers the Model 3010TAC General Purpose flushpanel and/or rack-mount Control Unit only. This Control Unit is for indoor use in a nonhazardous environment. The Intrinsic Safe Barriers assy is designed for indoor/outdoor nonhazardous environments only. The Analysis Units (or Remote Probes), is for hazardous environments.

Typical Applications
A few typical applications of the Model 3010TAC are:
• Monitoring inert gas blanketing
• Air separation and liquefaction
• Chemical reaction monitoring
• Semiconductor manufacturing
• Petrochemical process control
• Quality assurance
• Gas analysis certification.

3000 Trace Series Overview
3000TA-XL Panel mount 0-1 ppm O2
3000ZA2G-XL Panel mount 0-1 ppm O2, ZrO2 type
3000ZA2G Panel mount 0-10 ppm, ZrO2 type
3000TA Panel mount 0-10 ppm O2 and above
3000TB Wall mount 0-10 ppm O2 and above
3010TA Split architecture – panel mount control unit 0-10 ppm O2 and above
3010TB Split architecture – wall mount control unit 0-10 ppm O2 and above
3010TAC Split architecture – I/S Cenelec, panel mount control unit 0-10 ppm O2 and above
3010TBC Split architecture – I/S Cenelec, wall mount control unit 0-10 ppm O2 and above
3020T Fully explosion proof unit unit 0-10 ppm O2 and above