Model 4000 Configurable Photometric Analyzer



AMETEK’ Process Instruments Model 4000 Photometric Analyzer is a proven choice for reliable, accurate, continuous, online photometry measurement. It is the only photometric analyzer on the market with over 40 years of actual field experience in thousands of applications. The Model 4000 was initially developed to fill various process and environmental measurement needs within the chemical industry, and later the applications were expanded to include a wide variety of other industries.

The world-renowned reliability of the Model 4000 has led to the automation of many process measurements that were previously only possible through laboratory analysis. Virtually every industrial sector is using a Model 4000 to monitor and control critical process parameters. Petrochemical, pulp and paper, food processing, chemical, metal refining, oil refining, gas sweetening, power generation, fertilizer manufacture, film coating, and wastewater treatment are only some of the industries currently utilizing the Model 4000.

The rugged and elegantly simple design of the Model 4000 enables it to provide decades of online service. It is not uncommon for our customers to experience more than 30 years of operational service, even in the harshest of process applications and environmental conditions.


  • High sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability
  • No moving parts
  • High temperature performance
  • Wide range of processes analyzed
  • Simplified sampling process
  • Resistant to errors caused by contamination or bubbles
  • High temperature configurations (up to 538° C)
  • High pressure configurations (up to 2200 psig (15 MPag))
  • Sample wetted materials change per application
  • Built-in optical filter for on-line performance verification