Model 933 H2S in Natural Gas



The Model 933 is a unique UV-based photometric analyzer system for H2S analysis when present in concentrations below 100 ppm in natural gas and other applications. The analyzer responds quickly to changes in H2S concentration and it quickly self-recovers from extreme upset conditions.

  • Extended, unattended operation for up to 6 months or longer
  • Self-recovery after high concentration H2S events
  • Fast response time to increasing or decreasing H2S concentrations
  • Concentration measurements of carbonyl sulfide (COS) and methyl mercaptan optionally available
  • No consumables, reagents, or disposables other than zero gas

This is a low maintenance, reliable H2S analyzer in that reduces the high expenses associated with frequent scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

The Model 933 has a unique sample conditioning system that uses frontal elution chromatography to separate and eliminate interfering species. This ensures an accurate analysis of the gas via direct-UV absorption spectroscopy. Two self-regenerating columns are employed in the 933. While one column is conditioning the gas sample, the other is automatically regenerated.