ProMaxion – Process Mass Spectrometer for the PAT (Process Analytical Technology) Initiative



Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and bulk chemical manufacturers are searching for means of eliminating inefficiencies and waste in their manufacturing processes in order to eliminate process bottlenecks and increase profitability.

‘PAT initiative’ conscious pharmaceutical manufacturers are consistently reporting excellent results from AMETEK’s ProMaxion process mass spectrometers in the following applications:

  • Pharmaceutical solvent drying – Dryer end-point detection
  • Fermentation off-gas analysis
  • Mammalian cell culture research
  • Real-time release analysis
  • Solvent swapping

Each of these tasks can be improved through PAT implementation and use of the ProMaxion.

With the ProMaxion, you will increase the profitability of solvent dryer operations regardless of dryer type. We are experienced with tray dryers, centrifuge dryers, cone dryers, filter dryers, and vacuum dryers. By minimizing operation time to the minimum required for complete drying, you will see increased process throughput and reduced dryer operational costs.

Powerful and Usable Software Makes Operation Easy

Every ProMaxion is supplied with our powerful, PAT directed, Process 2000 software that is specifically written for use by technicians who are inexperienced with mass spectrometers. Every customer who has used the analyzer has commented positively on its breadth of features and ease of use. Software is available to meet your 21 CFR Part 11 and OPC or MODBUS needs.

If your process analyzer technology needs do not require installation in a hazardous location nor a NEMA4X enclosure, you can also consider our ProLine series of general purpose process mass spectrometers.