Model AN300 – Portable Nitrogen Analyzer

Teledyne’s hand-held AN300 Portable Nitrogen Analyzer is designed for use in the measurement of nitrogen for the automotive industry, specifically commercial tire retailers.

Constructed of high impact resistant materials, the AN300 provides unparalleled performance under the harshest conditions. The unit is powered by 3 AA batteries which should last for at least 2000 hours of use.


  • Battery charge indicator
  • One key operation (On / Off / Cal)
  • Auto diagnostics with error codes to simplify troubleshooting
  • Teledyne’s own N-33 sensor
  • Sensor interconnection cable
  • Runs on 3 AA batteries
  • 1/4” NPT connection for use with customer supplied chuck
  • Up to 50 psig sample pressure

The Sensor

Lightweight and easy to use, the AN300 incorporates Teledyne’s own N-33 Micro-fuel Cell sensor for quick and accurate analysis of oxygen. This maintenance free, sealed, electrochemical cell is specific to oxygen, insensitive to flow rate, and has a 90% response in less than 10 seconds. At the end of its life, the cell is discarded and replaced like a flashlight battery.

Benefits of Nitrogen

  • Nitrogen tire inflation has been explored by Formula One, NASCAR, and Tour de France cyclists among others.
  • Nitrogen inflated tires lose pressure at one-quarter the rate of tires inflated with plain air. Nitrogen molecules are heavier than air, and are retained within the tire’s structure for longer. Therefore, nitrogen provides safer driving conditions.
  • Air contains moisture and perhaps oil due to the lubricant on the tire inflation device. These elements contribute to wheel rim rust and rubber eating oxidation.
  • Air retains heat while nitrogen disperses it so tires can run as much as 20% cooler. Overall nitrogen increases tire life, which has become vital to the transport industry’s maximizing of retread life.