Model Standard Bureau of Mines Dew Point Tester



The Need
Natural gas pipeline operations are dramatically impacted by the presence or formation of liquids within the gas pipeline. The dew point of the natural gas must be periodically checked in order to ensure that troublesome liquid formation is not occuring in the pipeline. Operators and technicians need an accurate, rugged means of determining the dew point of the gas within the pipeline.

The Solution
Chandler EngineeringTM met this industry need with the development of the this device: the Standard Dew Point Tester. This device works as follows:

The sample gas to be analyzed is slowly passed, at pipeline pressure, over a mirror. The mirror is slowly cooled through the use of a manually regulated refrigerant gas. A thermometer accurately reads the temperature of the mirror while an operator observes the mirror for the formation of dew. When dew is observed, the dew point temperature is read off the thermometer. The type of dew formed on the mirror can be determined by an experienced user. Use of this device is described by ASTM D1142.

This device is completely manual. The observor is not only the ‘detector’, they must also manually control the rate of mirror cooling and read the indicated temperature at the appropriate time. When used by a skilled operator, this device will produce extremely accurate dew point measurements.

The Standard Dew Point Tester, is available in a variety of dew point temperature and pressure ranges.