Model 292B Portable Natural Gas Chromatograph

The AMETEK Model 292B natural gas chromatograph is designed as a truly ‘portable’ analyzer.


The AMETEK Model 292B natural gas chromatograph is designed as a truly ‘portable’ analyzer. An integrated sample inlet manifold allows for single connections of sample and drive (carrier) gases, allowing for flexible installation either as a stand-alone analyzer, or integrated onto a mobile platform such as a truck or other vehicle. On-site analysis not only eliminates the concerns over accurate sample acquisition and transport, it also eliminates the DOT concerns over transporting natural gas samples.

Analysis begins at a single touch of a button. Sample transport, signal integration and system diagnostics are handled within the unit to ensure accurate, reliable and repeatable analysis.


  • Easy to operate
  • On-board storage capability of up to 1,000 chromatograms and test results
  • Fully integrated sample handling and distribution system
  • Real-time chromatograms viewed on a 5 inch color LCD display
  • Built-in data protection and advanced diagnostic capability
  • Field-rugged, water resistant, easy to carry package.
  • USB flash drive support
  • USB printer connectivity
Range 0-2,000 BTU/scf
Repeatability ±0.05% or ±0.5 BTU/1000 BTU
Approved for ISO 6568, 6569, 6976
ASTM D3588, D1945
GPA 2261, 2172, 2145
AGA-8 (Direct Method)
Operating Temp -4° to 130°F (-20-55°C), non-condensing
Enclosure NEMA 4
Power Requirements 115 or 230 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz 250 VA startup, 40 VA operating
Can be operated with inverter from 12 VDC
Sample Gas Analyzes liquid-free natural gas that contains nitrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, ethane, propane, I-butane, N-butane, I-pentane, neopentane, N-pentane, C6 and heavier components.
Max Inlet Pressure 3,500 psig (24,132 kPa)
Min Inlet Pressure 7-10 psig (48-69 kPa)
Connection 1/8” stainless steel tube
Carrier Gas Zero-grade helium (99.995% pure)
Pressure 150 psig (1135 kPa)
Connection 1/8” SS tube (metric adapter kit available)
Supply Gas (GC valve) Nitrogen, helium, or instrument air
Pressure 80 psig (552 kPa)
Connection 1/4” flared tubing
Calibration Gas Certified natural gas standard consisting of 11 components: approximately 90% methane (1050 BTU value).
Digital Output Data can be saved to USB memory stick and opened in Excel
Printer Interface
USB PCL3 – Compatible Printer


Model 292B Portable Natural Gas Chromatograph Productsheet
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