Model 5000 Process Moisture Analyzer



The versatile AMETEK Model 5000 is a highly sensitive moisture analyzer for process applications where the continuous, reliable measurement of moisture in vapors and gases is required. The Model 5000 analyzer measures moisture on-line by monitoring the vibrational frequency change of a hygroscopically sensitized quartz crystal that is exposed alternately to wet sample and dry reference gas for 30 second periods. The reference gas is sample gas passed through a molecular sieve dryer to remove virtually all its moisture content.


Catalytic Reforming:

Problem – Proper moisture balance in feedstocks and hydrogen recycle streams must be maintained to optimize product yield and catalyst life. Measurement reliability is greatly complicated by the presence of compressor oils and high boiling point hydrocarbons in the stream. The reformer process typically requires accurate and rapid results despite variations in moisture content from 10 to 25 parts per million.

Solution and Results – The Model 5000’s accuracy, reliability, and fast response are not affected by normal reformer contaminants such as compressor oils and high boiling point hydrocarbons. The on-board moisture generator verifies measurement accuracy for optimum product yield. Readings are absolute and provable, not just trends.

Moisture in Olefins:

Problem – Ethylene polymerization catalysts are extremely sensitive to trace water. Water decreases catalyst activity and may turn the catalyst black, leading to discoloration of the virgin polymer. Accurate, reliable, and rapid sub-1 ppm moisture analysis is required.

Solution and Results – The Model 5000’s quartz-crystal sensor does not promote unsaturated hydrocarbon polymerization, a common problem with electrolytic moisture sensors. Exceptional response speed and precision in the sub-1 ppm moisture range ensures consistently high product quality. The on-board moisture generator verifies this measurement accuracy.

Moisture in Natural Gas:

Problem – Excess moisture in natural gas causes serious problems, from pipeline, storage tank, and equipment corrosion to gas hydrate formation. Measuring moisture in natural gas is not a difficult application, but reliably measuring it on a continuous basis is. Glycol carryover and entrained compressor oils can quickly damage insitu sensors.

Solution and Results – The extended cell life mode minimizes sensor exposure to contaminants and strips volatile contaminants. The on-board moisture generator permits you to quickly and easily verify and adjust calibration.


The 5000 provides similar solutions to problems in a variety of other applications, including:

  • Petroleum Refining – reforming; alkylation; LPG; light hydrocarbons; isomerization
  • Natural Gas – cryogenic extraction; transmission stations; storage/distribution; LNG; production
  • Petrochemicals – cracked gas; propylene; butadiene; ethylene
  • Chemicals – fluorocarbon gases; vinyl chloride; vinyl fluoride; refrigerants; reactor gas blankets; methyl chloride
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery – CO2 pipelines
  • Electronics – doping gases; dielectric gases; soldering furnace atmospheres; brazing furnace atmospheres; blanketing gases
  • Metals – annealing furnace atmospheres