Model WDG-IV UOP/RP Analyzer



The Model WDG UOP/RP was designed in conjunction with UOP Continuous Catalyst Regeneration process requirements for meeting the purpose of low level oxygen measurement during the regeneration cycle in which coke deposits are removed from the catalyst by oxidation. THE Model WDG UOP/RP Analyzer has a specially treated Zirconium Oxide cell which is used to survive the destructive effects of halogen-oxidation. The sensor uses a nitrogen-operated aspirator to
draw a sample of gas from the catalyst regenerator. A portion of this gas passes over the zirconia sensor. Because the aspirator gas contains no oxygen, the sample can simply be returned to the process.

Current control option for the WDG-IV UOP/RP is:

  • 2000 Series Microprocessor Control provides 4 line local display, analog outputs, alarms, expanded system diagnostics, auto calibration option and RS485 communication.


    • High reliability
    • Hastelloy probe tube
    • 316 SS Wetted parts
    • All Wetted parts heated
    • Dual isolation valves